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" />Best Male Sex Toys On The Market Reviewed In 2021

The Top 15 Best Male Sex Toys Reviewed In 2021
We Will Help You To Make The Top Choice + Special Discounts (See The List Below)

We’ve got some picky dicks, and we have subjected our junk to just about everything under the sun. In other words, we know a good sex toy when we see it – or feel it, rather. We also know how difficult it can be to find a good fake vagina that completely empties your balls, and it doesn’t help that some of them are crazy male sex toys 2017

In any event, someone needs to use and review the top rated male sex toys before riots break out among men with painfully swollen crotches. Horny men need help – a carnal hero of sorts.

Have no fear, we’ll take it from here. There’s no need to thank us. The pleasure is all ours (seriously).

Male sex toys are almost always considered taboo, or at least they were until recently. The topic is finally being discussed openly on popular mainstream media sources, including places like The Today Show, The View, and Men’s Health Magazine.

These days, the idea of deriving pleasure from a man-made machine is completely acceptable, even and especially as an alternative to or enhancement for traditional masturbation and/or intercourse.

In other words, today’s market is happy to offer more options than it ever has before.

The catch? It has become virtually impossible to select the perfect sex toy due to the overwhelming popularity of them. Sifting through low-quality stuff for hours on end is beyond frustrating, but so is paying money for a device that leaves much to be desired.

The solution? A comprehensive list of the 15 best male sex toys in 2021 should be presented to consumers in a totally objective way.

Gee, I wonder where you could find something like that.

Our Top 15 Best Male Sex Toys In 2021:

After long hours of intense research (AKA: fervent and unapologetic masturbation with almost every male pleasure product under the sun), our picky dicks finally settled on the cream of the cocky crop.

Here are what we believe to be the top options:

#1. The Autoblow Artificial Intelligence

OVERVIEW: Developed by a team of inventive and perverted minds who were obviously sick of getting unsatisfying blowjobs, the Autoblow A.I. is a third-generation male masturbator that expertly simulates the sensations of oral sex while also utilizing artificial intelligence to learn your behaviors and tailor its performance based on your individual needs.

It even has an Edging Function that allows you to start and stop the party at your leisure – a terrific feature for stamina training and couple’s play as long as you properly clean the machine in between sessions. And since it provides such a well-rounded experience, the makers have refused to make it compatible with other devices.

MAJOR PRO: It has a flexible canal capacity that can accommodate almost any size penis.

MAJOR CON: It needs to be plugged into the wall because it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery.

OVERALL OPINION: An amazingly accurate blowjob machine, complete with a state-of-the-art penis gripper and an intuitive precision stimulation mode for a more satisfying experience.


#2. The Kiiroo Keon

OVERVIEW: Designed specifically to offer men more options when it comes to masturbation, the Keon device by the famous Kiiroo brand is poised to please due to its automatic functionality and industry-leading compatibility with all things high-tech: virtual reality goggles, Bluetooth, and even other sex toys (including a few from an outside brand).

It features several pre-preprogrammed functions and strokes the penis at speeds of up to 180 pumps per minute, plus it can sync with the world’s largest 3D porn gallery and has a powerfully efficient motor that slowly siphons the juice out of its rechargeable battery.

MAJOR PRO: It can be used with many different interchangable sleeves, making it the most versatile toy of its kind.

MAJOR CON: Cannot be used with the fleshlight.

OVERALL OPINION: A well-made pleasure product with tons of potential, especially considering how many different things you can do with it and how friendly it is to other sex toys for men.

#3. ArcWave Ion

OVERVIEW: The Arcwave Ion is the very first male sex toy to deliver a sensation that mimics the female orgasm.

In fact, it’s been raved as the closest thing to a woman’s climax that the world has ever seen. That’s because it uses state-of-the-art Pleasure Air™ technology to target the frenulum for clitoral-like pleasure and potential penile squirting.

In other words, it replaces traditional suction and stroking features with more sophisticated functionality and anatomically correct positioning to deliver something entirely new.

As a result, it’s sending shock waves through the kinkiest of communities.

The device itself is sleek, compact, and unassuming.

However, the power behind its appearance is surprising. Users can choose between several distinct pleasure settings to customize their experience, controlling each sensation through a handheld, three-button remote that snaps onto the back of the device.

Thus, the Arcwave Ion is ideal for individuals and/or couples, plus it’s perfect for traveling due to its lightweight and ergonomic design.

MAJOR PRO:  Lets you try how the female orgasm feels.

MAJOR CON: Battery lifespan isn’t the best.

OVERALL OPINION: A great toy for those who are ready to explore uncharted territories.

#4. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)

OVERVIEW: Crafted by one of the best-known names in the marital aid industry, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (otherwise called the “STU”) nearly sold out when it first hit the market because fans already knew it would be amazing due to the reputation of the brand.

It features one of the most intense sleeve textures on the planet while still possessing the same beloved dimensions as your standard FL masturbator.

The overall shape still looks exactly like the telltale “flashlight,” the only difference is that this one promises to improve your sexual endurance tremendously (especially when used with male enhancement products and hands-free machines).

Combined with the fleshlight girls models it can give you some heavenly experiences.

MAJOR PRO: It can be used for practice, foreplay and even with some high-tech automatic masturbation machines.

MAJOR CON: It requires all manual power unless you pop it into one of those high-tech automatic masturbation machines mentioned above.

OVERALL OPINION: A surprisingly powerful little device considering its lack of technologically advanced features and hands-free capabilities – a manual power conundrum that may leave some men wishing for a partner, a compatible toy, or at least an ice pack.

#5. The Fun Factory Manta

OVERVIEW: Unlike anything else you’ll find on today’s male sex toy market and yet to be copied, the Fun Factory Manta is made for solo stimulation but can be used during couple’s play as well due to its sleek design and powerful functionality.

Highly versatile and extremely lightweight, this handheld bad boy wraps its texturized “bat wings” around the shaft of your penis to deliver intense vibrations at a precise location. It’s fully rechargeable too, plus it features a wide range of speed and intensity settings to explore as you enjoy the incredible discretion provided by the compact dimensions.

MAJOR PRO: It has a battery life that outlasts most of the competition.

MAJOR CON: It can’t be used for hands-free stimulation unless you involve a willing partner into the mix.

OVERALL OPINION: A high-powered device with plenty of love to give as long as you don’t mind the somewhat limited amount of sensations you can experience and the constant need for manual manipulation.


#6. The LELO F1s

OVERVIEW: Created for men who enjoy customizing everything they get their hands on, the F1 by the well-known LELO company has blown much of the competition out of the water with its innovative design and on-point ergonomics.

Not only that, this bad boy comes with a smart phone compatible app that lets you tinker around with the Developer’s Software to create an experience all your own.

Its lightweight body and slightly texturized canal materials serve as the cherry on top of this VR-compatible device that can sync with an extremely large library of 2D and 3D porn content using a simple Bluetooth connection.

MAJOR PRO: It offers unlimited sensations while also tracking your progress. It is also very silent, discreet & waterproof.

MAJOR CON: It may be a bit too complex for some users to enjoy its full potential.

OVERALL OPINION: A men’s pleasure product that’s easy to fall in love with because it’s powerful and packed with pleasant surprises like a “Do Not Disturb” door sign and a pair of hygienic gloves in the box.


#7. Kiiroo Onyx Plus

OVERVIEW: Considered a hot ticket item in the self-pleasure arena, the Onyx Plus is another one of those automatic male masturbators but it has one glaring difference: It can be used with absolutely anything from the gigantic Kiiroo brand inventory and it’s even compatible with the Kiiroo Titan.

It features user-friendly ergonomics like a touch-sensitive control panel and a sleek outer shell, plus it utilizes 10 contracting rings to stimulate the penis as it transmits real-time porn content and/or Teledildonics through a basic Bluetooth connection.

Best of all, the canal is wrapped in the same SuperSkin material that put Fleshlight on the map.

MAJOR PRO: It can be used manually, in automatic mode, as a solo stimulator, for couple’s play and with online porn content, making it second only to the Launch in versatility.

MAJOR CON: Its canal size and texture can never be changed.

OVERALL OPINION: An overall sturdy and satisfying pleasure product for the fellas, especially the ones who aren’t quite sure what they want to experience and need something that has plenty to choose from (and as long as they don’t mind dealing with a relatively long charging time).

#8. The Kiiroo TITAN

OVERVIEW: Introduced just recently by one of the most popular sex toy brands on the planet, the TITAN male masturbator by Kiiroo allows its user to experience mind-blowing orgasms without so much as lifting a finger (unless they want to).

It features a stack of vibrating bullets that run a series of vibration modes aimed at targeted stimulation.

With a touch-sensitive control interface combined and a patented “Real Feel” sleeve texture, you won’t know when you stop as you pleasure your penis alongside real-time virtual reality porn featuring the Kiiroo Experience Girls (which includes names such as Lisa Ann, Tanya Tate, and Jessica Drake).

MAJOR PRO: It’s compatible with anything out of the Kiiroo brand’s massive sex toy lineup, making it the ideal product for kinky couples.

MAJOR CON: It has a relatively loose tightness that’s obviously meant to serve penises on the larger end of the spectrum.

OVERALL OPINION: A perfectly suitable device for solo play and couple’s kink with lots of love given to the online porn world, including 1500 free coins for the compatible website that features over 4,000 pieces of pornographic content.

#9. The TENGA Zero Flip EV

OVERVIEW: High-tech and high-quality are just two of the adjectives that describe the TENGA brand’s Zero Flip EV (which stands for “electronic vibration” by the way).

Hailed as “The iPhone of male sex toys,” this bad boy features an open-ended design that operates on an innovative hinge, making it ideal for all penis sizes and even for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease.

Not only is this vibrating masterpiece completely waterproof and equipped with a silky-smooth, skin-safe sleeve but it also has manual pressure pads on the side to make each pump the one of your wildest dreams.

MAJOR PRO: The unique hinge design and outer shell construction makes it perfect for any man on the planet regardless of penile issues or mobility problems.

MAJOR CON: It requires manual power to operate and it won’t sync up with any other male sex toy on the market.

OVERALL OPINION: A truly unique pleasure product with all men in mind, complete with a series of robust vibrations that run up and down the entire core of the machine for a full-bodied orgasm every time.



#10. The Lovense Max 2

OVERVIEW: As the world’s very first high-tech masturbator for men, the Lovense Max 2 is a new and improved version of the almost equally amazing predecessor that brought millions of men to a successful climax.

The chamber uses a patent-pending air pump mechanism that oscillates as it undulates up and down your penis without the need for manual power.

Created to mimic the sensations of oral sex, the LM2 also features manual pressure pads on the side for customizable suction.

Best of all, it’s fully rechargeable with a standard USB plus it’s made to be compatible with another Max or Nora from the same brand.

MAJOR PRO: It uses a Bluetooth connection to allow your partner the opportunity to control the experience remotely.

MAJOR CON: It’s not nearly as powerful or as versatile as some of the other high-tech pleasure products for men.

OVERALL OPINION: A nice sex toy if you’re new to using mechanical devices to achieve orgasm and especially if you’re the kind of guy who enjoys hands-free fun but prefers not to involve online porn or 3D graphics.


#11. The Cobra Libre 2

OVERVIEW: This prudent penis pleaser makes no qualms about size, shape or depth because it’s made to stimulate the corona of the cock and not the entire shaft.

Made from luxury-grade materials and featuring one the most powerful integrated motors in the industry, the Cobra Libre II is a fully waterproof masturbation machine with a safety lock that simply slides onto your flaccid or erect crotch and makes you cum without manual pumping or panting.

And with one-size-fits-all dimensions, the CL2 helps you wave goodbye to your insecurities.

MAJOR PRO: It’s perfect for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease.

MAJOR CON: It requires constant manual manipulation and cannot be used with another device.

OVERALL OPINION: The ideal sex toy for a man who gets off best when the tip of his dick is stimulated but definitely not for guys who enjoy full penetration or shaft-based pleasures and interactive features.


#12. Nexus Revo 2

OVERVIEW: Crafted to gently and efficiently massage the male prostate gland regardless of where it lies in the user’s body, the Nexus Revo 2 is a p-spot stimulation device that offers a sleek, soft and sexy silicone body with conveniently placed nodules for extra-sensory pleasures whether being enjoyed on a solo mission or with a partner.

It features a fully rechargeable battery that operates its uniquely rotating head and wide range of vibration functions.

Not only that, but it’s virtually silent even when it’s on the highest setting and it’s been featured in countless high-brow porn movies.

MAJOR PRO: It has an extra pleasure pad with dynamic texture positioned perfectly to stimulate the perineum while it’s inside the anus.

MAJOR CON: It’s not waterproof whatsoever, so your ass play options are somewhat limited.

OVERALL OPINION: A great pleasure product for both newbies and experts alike due to the body-friendly dimensions and the smooth yet very noticeable texturization on both the insertable shaft and the perineum stimulator.


#13. Lovehoney Hotshot

OVERVIEW: Obviously created for people who enjoy a little temperature play to go along with their fervent and unapologetic masturbation, the Lovehoney Hot Shot lives up to its name by featuring a clever heating element that warms the interior to temperatures of up 104°F – a bonus thrown in to help improve the realism of the oral sex simulation coming out of the ergonomic and dimensionally versatile chamber.

On top of that, the LHS uses a series of vibrations and pulsations to further enhance your every experience, making it perfect for a wide range of different user and applications.

MAJOR PRO: It feels almost exactly like a real blowjob thanks to the combination of features and components.

MAJOR CON: It doesn’t sync up with any other sex toy on the market despite its well-known manufacturer and otherwise couple-friendly design.

OVERALL OPINION: A pretty hot tamale for oral sex enthusiasts and temperature play fans, with lots of customization options and tons of room for users to experiment with and explore the boundaries of their debauchery.


#14. Lelo Hugo

OVERVIEW: As one of the industry’s most premium prostate massagers, the LELO brand’s Hugo is a serious boss because of its overall shape and surprisingly powerful capabilities. It features SenseMotion Technology which responds instantly to the flick of your wrist while holding the wireless remote.

Mid-sized and manageable, it can be worn by people from all levels and has a bulbous end for more comfortable insertion.

It even has a curved external tip made to target your perineum for optimal pleasure sensations. Use the pre-programmed settings or explore your own imagination with customizable patterns and a fully rechargeable battery.

MAJOR PRO: Despite its electronic mechanisms, it’s fully submersible in water to enhance your sexual satisfaction opportunities.

MAJOR CON: It could be too large for prostate play newbies who are uncomfortable with deep penetration.

OVERALL OPINION: A smooth and sleek male pleasure product that’s ideal for bath and shower time because of its amazingly soft and skin-safe silicone covering (not to mention its ergonomic shape and size that’s suitable for almost any user).

#15. Quickshot Launch

OVERVIEW: This bad boy was made to kick ass and take names, mostly because of its ability to pleasure your penis at speeds of up to 250 strokes per minute.

The Quickshot Launch is made by the same company that created the original Launch device, only this one houses the top-selling, transparent QS masturbation unit that features a delicate texture and an open-ended design for easier cleaning.

This thing is ready to rumble, with a universal smart phone mount and dual handlebars that feature a set of manual speed and intensity controls so you’re always in the cockpit.

MAJOR PRO: It possesses the fastest stroke speed in the industry and uses a Pleasure Zone seeker, which means your customization and pleasure options are drastically increased.

MAJOR CON: Unlike the original Launch device, this one can only house the QS masturbator and whatever texture that model comes with.

OVERALL OPINION: A smart choice for anyone who enjoys non-stop masturbation opportunities or for folks who need better visuals while they’re dumping the pump, especially if they’re the kind of gentleman who enjoys having access to the world’s largest online porn library.

BONUS: Hot Octopuss Pulse III

OVERVIEW: The Hot Octopuss Pulse III is appreciated in the male sex toy arena because it has allowed men to be lustfully lazy while still getting their rocks off using powerfully vibrating motors and user-friendly features.

For example, it has a smooth outer coating made from durable silicone, but inside the mechanism is where the magic happens with these four words: “Oscillating Pulse Plate Technology.”

There are 5 different vibration functions to explore and the springy wings that create the general body of this device make it perfect for penises of all shapes, sizes or skill levels (plus it can be strapped directly onto your dick too).

MAJOR PRO: It offers all-encompassing sensations while also being properly suited for guys with serious penile health problems.

MAJOR CON: It’s somewhat limited on the number of vibe functions it has.

OVERALL OPINION: An exceptionally well-made and extremely powerful sex toy for men who are suffering from any number of limitations or ailments, including erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and mobility problems.



Bonus Boner Products to Enhance Your Male Sex Toy Experience

Every male sex toy mentioned above has restrictions, but some of those restrictions can be slightly (if not completely) lifted by utilizing what modern-day science has given to us.

Male enhancement products not only increase the amount of pleasure you derive from any given device but they also improve your overall performance and confidence in a way that’s unmatched by any other method.

So, whether you think you need them or not, it’s never a bad idea to at least see where they can take you as long as you select the right product.

Here’s a short bonus list of the safest and most effective boner-inducing and/or supporting MEPs on today’s market:

#1. The Quick Extender Pro

OVERVIEW: This penis extender was made with the strictest industry standards in place and under the watchful eye of scientists and medical professionals.

It has been created to noticeably increase the length and thickness of the wearers penis and the manufacturer ensures success through a comforting money-back guarantee.

The Quick Extender Pro is Type 1 CE certified as well, but it’s also available without a prescription.

It features a double-strap support system for long-term wear with minimal slippage, plus it utilizes up to 4000g of spring force traction to provide semi-permanent/permanent results in a matter of weeks.

MAJOR PRO: You get a lifetime warranty on a device that’s ideal for fixing Peyronie’s disease, and there’s 24/7 customer service available for questions, comments and concerns as well.

MAJOR CON: It’s a rather complex male enhancement device with a lot of little parts of keep track of.

OVERALL OPINION: As long as you can manage the complexity of the mechanism itself you should have no trouble benefitting from the well-researched design and functionality.

#2. The Bathmate Hydromax

OVERVIEW: This is the world’s very first penis pump to harness the power of water and instantly increase the overall size and performance level of the wearer’s dick.

Millions of men have seen incredible success through the innovative design and powerful suction inside the chamber (which has an emergency release valve, by the way).

It’s sleek, sexy, sophisticated and much simpler and satisfying to use that most penis pumps on the market today.

MAJOR PRO: It promises an increase of between 1 and 3 inches in length and up to a 30% increase in girth.

MAJOR CON: It cannot be worn for long periods of time and requires frequent use for optimal results.

OVERALL OPINION: It’s a wonderfully effective device for quick penis enhancement but it requires a lot of regimentation which may not be ideal for all users.

#3. Max Performer Pills

OVERVIEW: Max Performer Pills contain a proprietary blend of high-end, scientifically proven effective ingredients that are all-natural and safe for men from all walks of life.

The maker promises bigger, harder and stronger erections as well as more satisfying sexual experiences overall.

Most notable is its ability to boost the quality of your orgasm while also enhancing stamina and libido.

These magic beans are relatively powerful for such a non-regulated dietary supplement but they don’t produce jitters, nausea or pain of any kind which is probably why they’ve sold by the truckload.

MAJOR PRO: The pills are easy to swallow and they don’t have any major side effects that you’ll have to manage.

MAJOR CON: The manufacturer cannot promise that these pills will be effective for every use, but they do offer a satisfaction guarantee just in case.

OVERALL OPINION: These are some pretty awesome MEPs to have laying around when your penis is feeling under the weather, especially if you’re having problems with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.


So, there you have it. The penis tools above are also considered to be the top sex toys for men. They’re mentioned by several popular online review blogs, and they’ve maintained their positioned for almost two years.

Better than picking up some random junk at your local sex shop, these toys are worth every penny. However, their ranking on this list is purely our opinion.

Experiences can differ from one penis to another.

Meanwhile, we update this list every month. So, check it out to discover the latest and greatest male sex toy before anyone else.

Remember, a new device comes out nearly every week.

Not Enough? Check Out Other Top Rated Male Sex Toys Below:

Buyers Guide: How Do You Find The Best Male Sex Toy On The Market?

Regardless of our recommendations, everyone knows that sex toy selection is a very personal thing. There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s just that certain factors must be considered before anything is purchased.

The best way to check specific things off your list is by reviewing a comprehensive buyer’s guide like the one coming up.

Today’s male sex toy industry is more enormous than it has ever been in the history of mankind. The average dude has problems shopping for one but even experts stumble over all the options from time to time.

Indeed, it’s very difficult to find exactly what you want and need without some prior knowledge about what’s available. However, some things should never be ignored. Ladies and gentlemen, school is now in session.

The Top 10 Things to Look for When You Buy Sex Toys For Men

There are a number of special factors that need looked at before you fork over any of that hard-earned cash to one of these shiesty sex toy makers.

These are the top 10 most important (and of course you’ll probably have a few of your own), so grab a pen and paper and start taking notes because the following things will help you make that purchase with more confidence:

  • The Dimensions

All sex toys for men are sized differently, although may of them feature dimensions that are appropriate for a wide range of penis sizes.

Some even come with automatic or manual customization options for better control regardless of the device’s form and function. Just be sure the toy measures up to your unique body type and sexual appetites or else you may experience a little bit of embarrassment and pain.

  • The Materials

Not all pleasure products are created equally, but you probably know that all too well by now. One of the most glaring differences are the materials with which today’s best toys are made.

Always look for lube-friendly options that are also skin-safe. Stay away from latex, phthalates and parabens if you can and opt for materials such as silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a patented polycarbonate blend instead.

  • The Features

There’s a literal feature frenzy out there and nobody has the key to perfection.

The ideal sex toy will have the kinds of features that you and/or your partner(s) want and need to enjoy a safe and satisfying sexual experience (hopefully more than once). Look for things like great ergonomics, touch-sensitive control interfaces, wireless remotes, rechargeable batteries, and compatibility components that let you explore the moment using your favorite devices simultaneously.

  • The Compatibility

It’s always a bummer when one partner is having more fun than the other. Unfortunately, some of the best male sex toys aren’t compatible with many others (if any at all).

Consider what you plan to do with your new plaything. Do you need it to sync with another device? Does your partner already have a machine they’d like to hook up to it and, if so, is it compatible with what you’ve got? These may seem like petty squabbles but remember, the party can get lame really fast when things don’t line up properly.

  • The Complexity

Depending on what kind of product you buy, the complexity thereof may vary widely. For example, penis pumps and extenders tend to be far more complicated in their overall design than, say, a male masturbator or prostate massager.

Figure out your comfort zone while trying to familiarize yourself with the latest and greatest technologies. Keep in mind that sometimes the best product is hidden behind your intimidation of it.

  • The Functionality

Your ideal sex toy should be able to perform all the duties you need it to without causing damage to the device or injury to you and your partner.

Moreover, using the wrong toy for the kinds of sex you desire could spell immediately, long-term disaster. For example, prostate massagers aren’t typically used for vaginal stimulation and vaginal dildos aren’t always shaped or sized appropriately for anal penetration.

For best results, look for one that has a functionality adequate for your intended purposes.

  • The Texture

Some male sex toys possess a tantalizing texture upon the sleeve or shaft while others do not. No two pleasure products are exactly the same (even if they have similar functionalities), and no two textures are alike either.

Certain brands actually pride themselves on offering a wide range of life-like materials and hyper-intense textures, many of which are interchangeable with other devices. Regardless of the selection, always look for textures that best suit the sensitivity of your penis.

  • The Versatility

If you’re lucky, you might run across a few male sex toys that offer supreme versatility in the way they operate and interact with other devices. Products that can do more than one thing at a time are often prized for their versatility but be careful.

Machines that do too much can sometimes provide too little in the way of pleasure, yet machines that do too little can sometimes provide much enjoyment. Look for products that play well with others without being too complicated in their design.

  • The Warranty

Especially when we’re talking about high-tech sex toys for men, the price tag is usually pretty alarming to guys who are used to spending pennies on pleasure.

However, serious sex-perts know that good products cost good money so they seek out devices that come with warranties from the manufacturer. And while that wasn’t and isn’t always available for male sex toys, it’s finally becoming a popular feature on most high-end options.

Don’t be afraid to say no to a device that’s not backed by its maker because nobody likes wasting cash.

  • The Cost

Last but never least, always consider the initial cost of the toy you’re in love with. Remember that the overall price of ownership isn’t always reflected on your receipt.

Make room for things like personal lubricant, toy cleaning supplies, accessories, compatible devices, VR gear, mobile data and/or internet connections, online porn library memberships, and so on.

Responsible ownership is an important part of getting the most out of whichever toy you decide on. In fact, even the best devices can break down quickly if you don’t use them and maintain them properly.


Q: What is a male sex toy?

A: A device of this caliber is one that is made specifically to produce pleasurable sensations in or on the average male anatomy.

Sex toys for men range greatly in size, shape and functionality, with some of them being for penile stimulation and others being crafted solely for anal sex. In some circles, penis pumps, extenders and male enhancement products are added to this category as well.

Q: How do I properly maintain my device?

A: The maintenance procedure for a device like this is different with each model. For the most part, however, high-end toys are the easiest to clean, dry and store.

They either come with their own cleaning supplies (or at least a sample) and a convenient storage container or they’re made for quick and effortless maintenance through easily removeable parts and interchangeable pieces. All devices are unique.

So always read the instruction manual of your new toy to be sure you’re doing everything as intended by the manufacturer.

Q: What’s the difference between an automatic machine and a manual one?

A: Automatic sex toys are those that pump and stroke your penis without requiring manual manipulation, while manual sex toys are those that can only produce pleasurable sensations through direct personal management of the device.

Both kinds have their ups and downs, each of which should be carefully considered before you buy anything (especially if you have a partner involved).

Q: My friend says prostate massagers are only for homosexual men. Is that true?

A: No, even heterosexual men enjoy p-spot stimulation and there is nothing gay about it. In fact, nearly half of all prostate massager purchases are made by straight dudes who simply enjoy ass play from time to time.

And since most male p-spot toys can also be used on women, men who are hetero or bisexual would benefit greatly from owning one.

Q: Where should I store my new device when I’m done playing with it?

A: Depending on the toy you’ve selected and the properties thereof, your storage options should always consist of cool, dry places in your home that are clean and kept away from direct sunlight and/or extreme temperatures.

If your device comes with its own storage contain, be sure to use it at all times.

Q: Are there any proven health benefits to using a sex toy made specifically for males?

A: If you get the right pleasure product and use it exactly as directed by the manufacturer, there is a chance that you can improve things like your sexual stamina, the quality of your erections, and the intensity of your orgasms.

Certain pleasure products can also reduce the frequency of erectile dysfunction, fix Peyronie’s disease and boost the overall size of your penis. However, those proven health benefits are not available on all devices.

Q: I heard that frequent masturbation can desensitize my penis. Is that true?

A: According to recent studies, men who have sex or masturbate too often may experience varying degrees of penile desensitization and/or erectile dysfunction.

In other words, putting too many miles of your member can have serious consequences. Careful, responsible and mindful use of these products is always best, especially if you purchase one that promises intense sensations, penile correction or stamina training.

Q: Can women use male sex toys in any way?

A: Some of today’s best male sex toys are made with interactive features and compatibility with other devices, meaning they’re perfect for both solo masturbation missions and couple’s play as well.

Regardless, even non-interactive options can be fun for duos during foreplay and roleplaying games. Always ask your partner about their desires to find the best option.

Q: What does “interactive” mean?

A: The word “interactive” just means that one sex toy can send and/or receive signals from another to create a real-time collaboration of bodies.

The feature is sometimes called things like “Teledildonic Technology” or “SenseMotion Technology” but it’s all the same basic concept. The idea is to give the user(s) a more realistic and collaborative experience, which is why certain manufacturers have started incorporating virtual reality into their toys’ overall designs.

Q: Do I have to buy more than one device to enjoy all of its high-tech features?

A: For the most part, the best sex toys for men are already equipped to do the deed without the help of another device. However, interactive models may require an additional investment in a compatible machine.

Furthermore, some options need an entirely separate masturbator to enjoy all the high-tech features, so don’t miss the boat because you didn’t pay attention to the specs.

Q: Can I use a condom when masturbating with a male sex toy?

A: It depends on the type of sex toy you have. Prostate massagers are generally suitable for condom usage, but male masturbation machines are not (especially the automatic kind). If you’re wanting to use a condom because of allergies or skin sensitivities, look for a toy that’s made from hypoallergenic materials to reduce the need.

Q: Can I get hurt in any way by using one of these machines?

A: Obviously, if you don’t use your common sense and if you ignore the instructions provided by the manufacturer there is a good chance you could get hurt while using a sex toy of any kind.

Simply play it smart and avoid dangerous experimentation to prevent injuries and embarrassment. And as always, thoroughly clean yourself and your playthings after every use to reduce the chances of spreading infection.

Q: Will my partner be able to enjoy my favorite sex games with me?

A: Not all devices in this category are made for couple’s play, but many of them are. If you buy an interactive model, then your opportunities to enjoy sex games with your partner are increased tremendously. However, not all interactive models are compatible with other devices.

Choose an interactive sex toy with high-tech collaborative features for best results.

Q: How do I register my device to activate the manufacturer’s warranty?

A: Some of the better pleasure products in the industry come with warranties and/or money-back guarantees from their makers.

To take advantage, simply look in the box with your toy to find a registration card. Fill it out and mail it in within 30 days of your purchase or else it will become void. If there is no registration card with your product, look on the manufacturer’s website for more information.

Q: Do I need any special skills or equipment to use a pleasure product like this?

A: The type of pleasure product you purchase will determine the kinds of skills and equipment you’ll need to fully enjoy all of its features. For example, high-tech toys with Bluetooth capabilities, virtual reality connectivity or mobile app control interfaces may require additional gear to get started.

On top of that, technologically advanced options usually need an experienced (or at least educated) driver behind the wheel for best results.

Q: How often do I have to charge my device?

A: All pleasure products for men are made differently, even toys that are made from the same exact manufacturer.

Always check the owner’s manual for precise information regarding charge times and requirements. There are a handful of options that either take standard batteries or plug directly into the wall, making the need for special charge times obsolete.

Q: What happens when I buy a pleasure product like this from an online source?

A: First of all, make sure the online source you’re purchasing from is a reputable one with all the necessary privacies provided to customers.

You will find that information at the bottom of their website or mentioned on the website of the third-party distributor.

Once ordered and processed, your toy should arrive at your house in an unmarked box. Most of the time, the merchant will also place a non-descript name on the purchase order for enhanced discretion.

Q: Can I enjoy the features of my new male pleasure product in the shower?

A: You can’t always enjoy playtime in the bath, shower, pool or hot tub and unfortunately, not all male sex toys have the capability to be used around water.

This is an extremely important factor to consider, especially if you’re purchasing a high-tech device with electronic components. Products not made to be around moisture can malfunction or break, and most manufacturers’ warranties don’t cover willful negligence.

Q: What happens if my device malfunctions or breaks after I buy it?

A: In the event that your new plaything breaks down after you buy it, be sure to contact the number provided on the warranty registration card to speak with a representative about having the device fixed or replaced.

If your device doesn’t come with a warranty, simply ask about replacement parts or troubleshooting tips.